Angela Mudukuti

Angela Mudukuti is the International Criminal Justice Lawyer at the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) where she has worked on precedent setting cases on crimes against humanity before the Constitutional Court. In her capacity at SALC Angela is involved in advocacy around international criminal justice issues and ground breaking strategic litigation. Prior to joining SALC, Angela worked for the immediate Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. She also worked at the International Institute for Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences under the supervision of international criminal law expert, Prof Cherif Bassiouni in Italy, conducting research and a legal analysis into human rights violations perpetrated in Libya during and after the revolution. Prior to that, Angela worked in private practice as lawyer assisting with civil and criminal matters. Angela has an L.LB and an LLM in Transitional Justice, International Criminal Law and Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering. Angela is a firm believer in the promotion and protection of human rights, justice and accountability. She believes fervently in law as a force of positive change and hopes to encourage and inspire young minds to contribute positively to their communities.