Chris Nkwatsibwe

Chris Nkwatsibwe is a youth activist, passionate about justice. His appreciation of the fact that every decision made by each and every individual, whenever or wherever, impacts millions of people beyond thy spheres of influence has informed each one of his decisions. A Semi-finalist of the British Parliamentary Truck at the IDEA Youth Fellowship, Nkwatsibwe has worked and volunteered with initiatives that impact on communities with a perspicuous bias on youth. As an indicator of his unwavering commitment to the enhancement of young people’s potential and contribution to society transformation, Chris has founded, initiated and contributed to several democracy seeking, advocacy, and capacity building initiatives including; the Hope Initiative, the Green light Movement, Youth Strategic Leadership Forum, Young Leaders Think-tank, and the Network Debate Africa where he is a founding partner. Chris has also made in-depth studies on youth unemployment, measures of growth and development, minimum wage and health insurance in Uganda as part of his quest for social protection and social justice. Currently, Chris works at the Uganda National NGO Forum as Resource Person focused on the process of generating the Citizens’ Compact on Free and Fair Elections and the Citizens’ Manifesto Initiatives which among other things underscore the need for active citizenship and responsive leadership.