Faith Kiboro

Faith Kiboro is a development Economist (LSE), currently studying for her PhD in Political Economy whilst working as an Associate Fellow at The Consulting House. She previously worked at The Rockefeller Foundation’s Africa Regional Office (as an Associate in Transforming Health Systems), prior to that she was a young professional at Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) in the private sector and governance division. She currently works in the Inter-Governmental Business and Technical Undertakings Unit at The Consulting House that deals with both private and public sector work. The Unit carries out policy audits, policy formulation and implementation frameworks; evaluation of public financial management systems; assessments for both the national and devolved governments; and building models for public sector/security sector reforms. Her most recent project is a government flagship project, whereby she has been a part of the team constituted to implement the new strategy of the National Youth Service that has created employment, training and education for thousands of youth and created livelihood opportunities. Faith believes that Africa’s future will hinge on the investment in its people- achieving economic and social development in a more dignified way, making decisions with integrity and thoughtfulness for others and interventions that reduce dependency on foreign aid. She is an effective connector with the right opportunities connecting people to the necessary social/political/financial resources. With a passion to increase inclusiveness, better access to markets, healthcare, finance etc. her tenet is that most issues are interlinked and that there can be greater systemic and transformational change if people connected in a meaningful way more often.