Kennedy Mugume

Kennedy Mugume is an environmental Activist based in mid- western Region of Uganda. He hold a bachelors degree in environmental Management from Makerere University. While at university, he participated in a peaceful demonstration in a campaigned code-named Save “Mabira forest from Policians” which demonstration mounted pressure on president Museveni and dropped his plans of giving the forest to Mertha group of companies for sugarcane growing. He is currently working with Bunyoro Albertine Petroleum Network on Environmental Conservation (BAPENECO), a coalition of civil society organizations advocating for transparency and accountability in the petroleum industry as a regional coordinator; alternating in different activities like; strategic research, planning, fundraising, budgeting, concept note writing, facilitating engagement meetings and media advocacy which has given him confidence and maturity in handling multiple tasks. He has been part of the team which has been reviewing oil and gas draft policies and have been in position to publish policy recommendations, briefs and position papers which the government of Uganda has given critical consideration. He is also a seasoned writer in local newspapers with a focus on environmental journalism. He participated in the review of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) report for the Albertin Graben where almost 80% of the recommendations were taken by government. He has also lent a hand to the office of Hoima district department of natural resources majorly in reviewing environmental impact assessment reports and this has elevated his practical experience and maturity in dealing with environmental issues.