Mmeli Dube

Mmeli Dube is a dauntless human rights activist with over eight years of experience working with rural and urban communities focusing on youth development, leadership development, community participation, human rights, governance and democracy. He has led and been part of civil society initiatives feeding into the work of national, regional and international institutions. Over years of working in civil society, he has acquired skills and knowledge in project management, monitoring and evaluation, research, fundraising, facilitation, leadership training, community engagement and advocacy. Mmeli has led programs that facilitated interaction amongst various State and non-State stakeholders at local and national levels such as Civil Society Organizations, Traditional leaders and political leaders. He has also been pivotal in formation and development of residents and informal sector associations and strategic formulation of their work. He has led campaigns aimed at ensuring that local and national public institutions are accountable, transparent, and democratic. He has organized civic campaigns such as the ‘right to water’ in 2015 with an aim of improving water accessibility, availability and affordability across urban areas in Zimbabwe. The campaign resulted in a national dialogue that saw, among other things, local governments such as Bulawayo doing away with plans to introduce prepaid water metering. Mmeli’s activism has, notably, contributed to improved youth participation and citizen involvement in local governance in various cities and towns. He has participated in various local and international programs such as the International Leader Training Seminar (Denmark, 2010) and International Visitors Leadership Program (USA, 2012). He is a holder of a Master of Science in Development Studies from National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe.