Stacey Ann Pillay

Stacey Ann Pillay is the Recruitment Manager at Africa Health Placements, a social-profit organisation created to plan for, find and keep the health workforce needed to deliver healthcare for all. Stacey grew up in rural Kwazulu-Natal and has always had a passion for uplifting and empowering under-served communities. She believes a healthy nation is a productive nation and although access to healthcare is a basic human right, many South Africans will never have the chance to see a doctor due to the overwhelming shortage of healthcare professionals in our country. Stacey believes that with the right people and practical solutions, we can change that for our nation. Stacey has been involved in the recruitment of health workers and efforts to support the South African public healthcare sector for the past five years. She leads a team of 17 recruitment officers and co-ordinators, who source and place over 300 local- and foreign-qualified health workers every year. Through her perseverance and dedication to bring doctors into the public healthcare sector, more than 4 million extra South Africans had the opportunity to consult with a doctor in 2015 as a direct result of the efforts of her team. She has been integral in securing multi-million dollar grants aimed at better staffing health facilities across the country. To accomplish this, Stacey has grown working relationships with international funders, regulators and the authorities responsible for healthcare provision, from facility, through district and provincial, all the way to the National department of Health level in South Africa. Together, they have streamlined key aspects of the application process to work in South Africa. This has resulted in improved vacancy rates in rural areas across the country. Under her guidance, Stacey’s team focuses on practical, realistic solutions to problems in the sector and creating a positive customer service experience for health workers and AHP’s working partners.