Alice Kabwe-Grollnek

Alice Tenjiwe Kabwe-Grollnek is a child development specialist. From 2006 to 2010 she led a project investigating child development and neurological complications at Zambia’s largest referral hospital, the University Teaching Hospital, where she designed interventions to support child development practices in clinical settings and homes. In 2008, Kabwe-Grollnek established the Developmental Intervention Clinic, Zambia’s first multidisciplinary assessment and intervention clinic to support young children with neurodevelopmental challenges. She co-founded the Universal Baby™ Project, a public health intervention that leverages technology to translate the science of early childhood into culturally appropriate video messages highlighting good parenting practices. Kabwe-Grollnek has been a consultant for the Zambia Ministry of Education and NGOs on early childhood development, and is currently the Zambia National Representative to the World Forum on Early Education and Care. She holds a Masters degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.