Esther Amankwah

Esther Amankwah is an independent media practitioner, a freelance journalist for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and a TV host. She is passionate about her civic and social responsibilities, particularly to ensure the appropriate development of women and youth in the society, and views youth development as a collective societal responsibility. Her key competencies are in the areas of journalistic reporting, photography, public speaking, event hosting, public relations, marketing and events management. She is currently the chief executive officer of Arrows Communications and Media Consult, a multi-media communications and marketing group focusing on rural development issues. She serves as an advisory Board member and lead trainer for Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG) and as communications consultant for Midran-Royals Limited, and previously worked as marketing and public relations manageress for private company Hords Limited. Esther`s interests include public interest advocacy, women and rural development, corporate governance, and communications. She was the 2006 winner of the prestigious One-touch Telecommunications Award for Exemplary Leadership as Women’s Commissioner of the African University College of Communications. She holds a BA in Sociology and Information Studies from the University of Ghana, a diploma in Journalism and Communication Studies from the African University College of Communications and a certificate in Radio and Broadcast Journalism from the Ghana Broadcasting Training School in Accra. She recently completed her Masters in Public Relations at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Her thesis topic was ‘Assessing the Models and Roles of Public Relations Practice in the Government Sector in Ghana.