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Leadership in Local Government – Building Globally Competitive Cities

Mondli Gungubele

This leadership course for Mayors, senior Mayoral Committee (Mayco) members and City Managers and their teams focused on the interrelated issues of financial strategy, spatial integration and sustainable human settlements.  The course was designed to help leadership teams align their political mandate with reform goals, strengthen their capacity to unleash their ‘latent’ power to achieve ambitious, yet realistic goals, and build effective coalitions. 

The course was divided into two phases.  Mayors and senior Mayco members joined their technical teams in the first three days to jointly assess the state of the Metros and benchmark South Africa’s efforts with the experience in other countries.  The second phase focused on the senior technical teams developing action plans that addressed both technical problems and adaptive leadership challenges.

The course was held in Stellenbosch from 2-9 March 2012.  It was sponsored by National Treasury as part of the Cities Support Programme, with the support of SALGA and jointly organized by UCT’s Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice (GSDPP) and the World Bank Institute (WBI). 

The course agenda integrated technical content on financial strategy, spatial integration and sustainable human settlements with leadership skills building sessions on addressing adaptive challenges, joint problem solving, coalition-building, the use of a results-based approach for addressing the most pressing technical and adaptive challenges, and self-mastery. 


Target audience

All eight metros participated in the course. Six of the eight Executive Mayors and one Deputy Executive Mayor attended the three day programme, along with senior Mayco members of all eight metros.  The technical teams included seven of the eight City Managers, along with senior technical managers. 

Team excercises

Upcoming courses

This course is not currently scheduled for delivery in 2016.