Jake Okechukwu Effoduh

Jake Effoduh is the Assistant Director of the Council on African Security and Development (CASADE). CASADE is a non-profit research-driven collective of experts and academics that carry our specific projects, and offer guidance and counsel to African ministries, agencies, universities and international organizations. He is also a consultant with Synceritas; the world’s premier human rights based intelligence profiling used to reduce exposure to unethical transactions in business enterprises globally. Jake Okechukwu has 6 years of experience in using the law for human development and 10 years of experience in the use of traditional media for development. He has been a freelance radio presenter with the BBC Media Action since 2006 anchoring “Talk Your Own Make Naija Better” one of Nigeria’s most popular radio programmes which is aired on over 120 radio stations with more than 30 million Nigerians tuning in weekly. Winning the 2014 Future Africa Awards in Community Actiom and the 2015 Africa Youth Choice Award for Human Rights, Jake Okechukwu has been listed by as one of the 50 Africans that will transform the continent. He holds a Legum Baccalaureus from the University of Abuja and a Masters in Law from the University of Oxford.