Kabwe Julianna Musonda

Kabwe Julianna Musonda is a chemical engineer working as a researcher at the Institute for Natural Resources, United Nations University, in Zambia. Her job enables her to ensure that research and technology can ‘trickle down’ and impact the bottom line, and to explore ways in which natural resources can benefit local communities. She strives to be a leader in what she does and what she becomes, and to inspire people by reaching and achieving her goals. Kabwe is interested in using technology to impact the society she comes from directly. More specifically, she aims to establish an energy and agriculture integrated model that improves the livelihoods of rural small-scale famers. The model aims to stimulate economic development and improve livelihoods by lowering food production costs, providing a clean sustainable energy source and utilizing waste streams. The project will initially target women in the society as they are often the core providers in their homes. This is Kabwe’s way of converting her interests and passion into work that will help other people and keep her motivated. Kabwe wants renewable, clean and sustainable energy to become a reality in Zambia, something that actually works, something that can be scaled up, and something that can make a difference. Kabwe intends to use the opportunity provided by the Leading in Public Life programme “to grow and mature as a servant leader who puts the needs of others before her own, especially the less fortunate and disadvantaged”. She is a keen feminist who insists on the use of science, technology, engineering and maths order to level the gender playing field in her society and country.