LeAD Campus

The 2016 LeAD Campus cohort included:

  • Narcisse Yaovi Zolla

    Country: Benin
    Company: Normat Bhelix SA
    Position: President Director General

  • Hack Yann Adio Akindele

    Country: Burkina Faso
    Company: ACEP -Burkina Faso
    Position: Director General

  • Christian Din Dika

    Country: Cameroon
    Company: Douala Stock Exchange
    Position: Chief of the Department of Operations

  • Aline Joséphine Modassie

    Country: Cameroon
    Compamy: Feicom
    Position: Chief of Mission

  • Sitti Chiabiddine

    Country: Comores
    Company: Vaniacom
    Position: Founder and Manager

  • Jean Calvin Ethien

    Country: Ivory Coast
    Company: Etimex Technovat
    Position: Director General

  • Ange Désiré Yapi

    Country: Ivory Coast
    Company: Felix Houphouet Boign
    Position: Director General

  • Regis Gervais Loussou Kiki

    Country: Gabon
    Company: The Gabonese Employers Confederation
    Position: Secretary General

  • Lucy Mukiri Muthaura

    Country: Kenya
    Company: CPS
    Position: Chief Officer

  • Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo

    Country: Madagascar
    Company: Nutrizasa SA
    Position: Company Director

  • Hagasata Rakotoson

    Country: Madagascar
    Company: Solidis
    Position: Director General

  • Mehdi El Kabbaj

    Country: Morocco
    Company: Groupe MEDZ
    Position: Director Finance &Human Resources

  • Hassan Hammouch

    Country: Morocco
    Company: Central Danone
    Position: Director of Business Operations

  • Abdelghani Tiss

    Country: Morocco
    Company: Social Development Agency
    Position: Head of Service

  • Khalil El Hassan

    Country: Morocco
    Company: Dari Couspate
    Position: Director General

  • Mehdi Mahtat

    Country: Morocco
    Company: Africinvest
    Position: Senior Manager

  • Abdoul Salami Amadou Issa Cisse

    Country: Niger
    Company: ACEP – Niger
    Position: Director General

  • Krinesh Govender

    Country: South Africa
    Company: Total South Africa Pty LTD
    Position: Head of Legal & Insurance

  • Zakari Wargo Boubacar

    Country: Senegal
    Company: Bank for Africa
    Position: Chief Risk Officer

  • Roland Olivier Sidbewende Kydrebeogo

    Country: Senegal
    Company: Dimagi
    Position: Project Manager

  • Siga Amsata Diop

    Country: Senegal
    Company: Petrosen
    Position: Office Manager

  • Djiby Diagne

    Country: Senegal
    Company: Bureau Operationnel de Suivi du Plan Senegal Emergent
    Position: Pole Projects Coordinator

  • Khadidiatou Diop Nakoulima

    Country: Senegal
    Company: Nest for All
    Positoin: Founder and Manager

  • Te Kafui Kaiser

    Country: Togo
    Company: Port Autonome de Lome
    Position: Head of the Department of Urbanization

  • Sehl Zargouni

    Country: Tunisia
    Company: MicroRed
    Positon: Director General


The 2017 LeAD Campus cohort included:

  • Samatar Abdi Osman

    Position: Managing Director
    Company: Centre sur le climat et l'innovation technologique
    Country: Djibouti

  • Almoktar Amadou Allahoury

    Position: Director, co-founder & consulting engineer
    Company: CIPMEN Centre Incubateur des PME au Niger
    Country: Niger

  • Youssouf Amane

    Position: Director at Maison de la Petite Entreprise, Promoter at ISCAM, Director at Mercatrix SARL, Directeor at Cabinet IBC Tchad
    Company: Maison de la Petite Entreprise, ISCAM, Mercatrix SARL, Cabinet IBC Tchad
    Country: Chad

  • Alfred Andriamasy

    Position: Development Director
    Company: SEHVLR (Société d'exploitation hôtelière de Villeneuve Le Roi)
    Country: France - Madagascar

  • Serge Andrianaivoravelona

    Position: Manager Government Relations
    Company: Ambatovy / Dynatec Madagascar SA
    Country: Madagascar

  • Bassirou Ba

    Position: Director of reforms & Information system -interim
    Company: Bureau Opérationnel du suivi du Plan Sénégal Emergent
    Country: Sénégal

  • Fahan Bamba

    Posiiton: Director, co-founder & banker
    Company: Afrique Emergence & Investissments SA (EA&I SA)
    Country: Côte d'Ivoire

  • Jean Bosco Bazie

    Position: Managing Director
    Company: Eau Vive
    Country: Burkina Faso

  • Constantin Bell

    Position: Engineer
    Company: Electricity Development Corporation
    Country: Cameroun

  • Papa Seydou Beye

    Position: Funder of Siam Group and co-funder of Trianon BTP Gabon
    Company: SIAM Groupe - SASU
    Country: Sénégal

  • Bassidy Dembele

    Position: Vice President of Finance and Business Development
    Company: Carrières et chaux du Mali
    Country: Mali / Australie

  • Maro Diagana

    Position: Managing Director
    Company: Mauritanian Business Center
    Country: Mauritanie

  • Serge Djibre

    Position: Funder
    Company: Brava Afreeca
    Country: Côte d'Ivoire

  • Abbas Djobo

    Position: International Director Finance & Innovation Northern Region
    Company: Ayming
    Country: France - Togo

  • Hamza El Kabbaj

    Position: Investments Director
    Company: Infra Invest
    Country: Morocco

  • Yves Fokou Wolongo

    Position: Sales manager
    Company: Servitel
    Country: Cameroun

  • Joseph Gwett Nwanack

    Posuition: Head of training section
    Company: Camerounaise des eaux
    Country: Cameroun


    Position: Managing Director Associate
    Company: General Computech
    Country: Mali

  • Rania Hamoud

    Position: Managing Director
    Company: Mansour Foundation for Development
    Country: Egypt

  • Faisal Jiwa

    Position: Senior Investement Officer
    Company: AfricInvest
    Country: Tanzanie

  • Moez Kaaniche

    Position: Expert accountant
    Company: K&B PARTNERS
    Country: Tunisie

  • Mody Kadry Adama

    Position: Agronomist Engineer
    Company: Kennyson STP SA
    Country: Cameroun

  • Kayi Mivedor

    Position: Managing director (assistant)
    Company: ORABANK TOGO
    Country: Togo

  • Claudine Ndioro Mbolanga

    Position: Marketing, PR and Communication manager
    Company: Electricity Development Corporation
    Country: Cameroun

  • Veronique Nkengne

    Position: Financial & Accounting Director
    Company: SONARA
    Country: Cameroun

  • Guy Obama

    Position: Managing Director & Risk analyst
    Company: Obama Coorporations SA & African Risk Capacity
    Country: Cameroun

  • Mohamed Sacko

    Position: Financial specialist
    Country: Guinée

  • Mustapha Chafik

    Position: Software Engineer

    Company: Accolade

    Country: Morocco