Meti Bekele

Meti Bekele works as a senior project officer at the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, a non-profit and non-governmental organization with the vision of promoting scientific knowledge in Ethiopia. She facilitates the implementation of various projects of the Academy, which serve to advance its larger vision of instilling a culture of inquiry and appreciation for the arts. Currently, Meti is responsible for following up on the Science Centre and Creative Arts Centre of the Academy, established as a space where people can learn about science and art in an interactive and engaging manner. In Ethiopia, where formal education typically follows lecture methods, such interactive centres play a significant role in presenting an alternative approach to learning and encouraging curiosity among students. While Meti is using her years of experience in planning, reporting and project management to actively engage in education and art, she plans to integrate more of her interests and use her skills to advocate for other critical issues that warrant more focus in Ethiopia. Meti holds a Masters in Peace and Security Studies from Addis Ababa University.