Buharimeter: PMB Performance Report #Corruption

13 Mar 2017 - 14:15
Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD)

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) has released its February report on the performance level of the President Muhammed Buhari (PMB) led administration on 13 corruption-related campaign promises made in the lead up to the 2015 general elections. According to the report, of the 13 specific campaign promises of PMB to fight corruption in the country, the incumbent has only been able to achieved 1, which represents 7.7% of the 13 promises, being the official declaration of assets of the President and Vice President. In addition, the government is in a process of achieving 6 promises, representing 46.2% of the anti-graft promises. These include the implementation of some vital recommendations of the NEITI report, entrenchment of accountability mechanism among MDAs, audit of government workers to weed out ghost workers, reduction of cost of governance through stringent spending, banning of first class first class flight travel and presentation of national plan to fight corruption. Likewise, noticeable actions are yet to be taken towards the achievement of 6 of its 13 promises which represent 46.2% of government campaign promises on corruption.

In the report titled Buharimeter: PMB Performance Report #Corruption, CDD also notes several concerns that may mar government’s effort in pursuing its anti-graft war in Nigeria. Amongst issues raised include government’s misplacement of priorities in the decisions of promises to implement, whereas, vital issues are left unattended. More so, evidence is yet to be seen under the present administration of punitive measures meted to public officials who are non-compliant to procedures of declaring their assets and liabilities with constituted authority as well as directive on a ban of first class travel by some government officials. The report also raised critical issue of blatant disregards by the administration to principle of rule of law and respect for human rights in its anti-graft war.

According to the report, the credibility of the anti-corruption war seems to be withering following the President’s approach to unravelling corrupt allegations against Babachir David Lawal (Secretary to the Government of the Federation) and Abba Kyari (Chief of Staff to the President). It also draws government’s attention to the need to work towards the passage of Whistle Blower Act as means of providing protective measure for whistle blowers who are using the recently formulated policy to expose corrupt Nigerians. It concludes by establishing the imperativeness of a release of the government’s anti-graft strategy document.