Latest Research Publications

6 Apr 2017 - 15:15


GSDPP Director Alan Hirsch has two recent publications, both of which are freely available for those interested in public policy and African development issues.

“Policy Coordination and Growth Traps in a Middle-Income Country Setting: The Case of South Africa” by Haroon Bhorat, Aalia Cassim, and Alan Hirsch in The Practice of Industrial Policy: Government – Business Coordination in Africa and East Asia (ed. John Page and Finn Tarp). Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017.

This newly-launched Oxford University Press edition is an open access title and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and Oxford Scholarship Online. Written by a cohort of national and international experts, the collection presents the results of a joint Korea International Cooperation Agency and UNU-WIDER research project into best practice public and private sector collaboration in the service of structural transformation.


“Risks and Challenges to Sustainable Development and Growth in Africa” by Alan Hirsch in Beyond Shifting Wealth: Perspectives on Development Risks and Opportunities From the Global South OECD Publishing, Paris 2017.

The anthology brings together perspectives from academics, development practitioners and thought leaders from emerging and developing economies to form a basis for dialogue around major risks and challenges over the forthcoming 15 years and to gather policy response ideas that mitigate risk and address challenges.  It is freely available to be read as a PDF, with a print edition available for sale from 18 April 2017.