Selassie Tay

Selassie Tay is a microfinance expert and development practitioner with over eight years’ experience in the micro finance and non-profit sector, serving mainly in management and leadership roles. He is currently the national commercial operations manager for iDE Ghana on a sanitation project aimed at widening access to affordable, gender-sensitive household toilets in three northern regions of Ghana. He led a team to research the financial landscape and develop a sanitation loan product and lending model, as well as establish alternative funding sources for partner financial institutions to fund sanitation loans for poor households. He grew up in a community that offered few life opportunities to youth and women, and was motivated to found the Tongu Youth Agenda for Development, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to empowering youth and women and accelerating the socioeconomic development of his community. He dreams of establishing a community school for entrepreneurship to train and resource the next generation of grassroots female entrepreneurs. He was a 2015 Emerging Leader Programme participant. He has a passion for finance and social enterprise, and enjoys watching news and cartoons for relaxation. His life objective is to make a positive impact on his world. Selassie holds a Masters in Business Administration (Finance), and is currently enrolled in the Certified Expert in Microfinance course at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.